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Clients  Wishing to purchase from Mekong Picture House

Last updated on 8th January 2004

Why purchase through Mekong Picture House?

Mekong Picture House is run by photographers for photographers.   We select  work from a number of  recognised specialists in specific fields and we make sure of the quality of their work before listing them.

We employ  the latest web technology to make it easy for you to find images relevant to your needs.   Our search engine works off a database which lets you quickly identify images by category, location or by keywords,  as well as by viewing thumbnails of the images.  You can also browse through the images on-line to find those you want.

If you have trouble finding images to your needs,  email us your requirements and we can create a custom gallery with a selection of relevant images for you to choose from.  

By using technology to its best advantage we can keep our costs low which means that you receive the maximum value for your money.

How do  we order from Mekong Picture House?

If you have specific images you want,  email us with the names of the images and the photographers, and the required usage. We'll make sure we have the media  available and we'll email you with a quotation.  In most case this will be based  on our standard pricing and Terms and Conditions, unless you have specific requirements.

The normal process will then be:

In urgent cases we may be able to deliver images electronically via a secure area in our web site.

What if  we want to hire a photographer for an assignment?

Email us your  requirement.  We'll work with our photographer(s) to provide you with a quotation.  Your contract will then be directly with the photographer.  The photographer will pay us a commission.

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