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Notes for Photographers Wishing to List with Mekong Picture House

Last updated on 8th January,  2004

Why list with Mekong Picture House?

Mekong Picture House is run by photographers for photographers.   

We employ  the latest web technology and our  contacts in the industry to make sure that your work gains the maximum exposure to potential buyers.   This includes listing in World Wide Web search engines,  but more importantly it provides  buyers with search tools so that they can find the right images in the shortest possible time.

By using technology to the best advantage we can keep our costs low which means that you receive the maximum value for your work.

Since our team includes very experienced professional photographers we know how best to price our, and your, work.  It's a win-win situation!

Who can list with Mekong Picture House?

Most of our photographers are full time professionals, but that is not a requirement.  What is a requirement is that you have a sufficient quantity of marketable work.   That generally means that your images will be of interesting, relevant subjects, be technically competent and  be produced on professional equipment on a medium appropriate for their  intended use.   You will probably have a  number (at least 20) of  images that fit into  an identifiable theme (see the categories in our main gallery), and your pictures will have titles and captions that explain clearly  the why / when / who / where of each picture.

How do I list?

First send us by email a sample of your work, as described above.   If we accept you for listing, we'll ask you to sign our standard Agreement, which spells out our terms and conditions.  The Agreement requires you to assert ownership of the work your provide to us,  protects your and our Intellectual Property and spells out Payment Terms.   We'll also give you a 4 character Photographer ID which we'll use to identify your pictures in our database.

Once we have an Agreement in place you must then provide us with the work that you want us to list.   This  must include as a minimum the following for each image:

Note: You should make sure that all the files you give us have unique names.   You can combine captions and titles into a single document (e.g. Word or Text file),  as long as it is clear which image is associated with each caption.   Right-click  here and select "save as" to download a template submission in MS Word format.

We'll also ask you to provide some brief bio data and experience statement to include with your listings.

How much do I pay to join up?

Nothing!   We make our living by taking a commission on sales you make through us.   You have nothing to lose.

How much commission does the House take on my sales?

For sales of "stock" images made directly through our web site our commission is 50% of the value of the sale.  This is less than commercial houses in the region,  because we keep our costs low.   Our 50% includes the cost of marketing, delivery to the end user,   invoicing, collection from the end user and the generation of a cheque to you.   Your only cost is the cost of providing  your work to us in a marketable format.

If the House finds you a paid assignment through our web site or our industry contacts,  our commission is 10% of the value of the sale.  In this case it is up to you to arrange delivery of your work product to the customer.

When do I get paid?

For "stock" images, we will pay you at the end of the month, after we receive payment from the client.   For assignments, payment terms will be agreed between you and the client and we expect you to pay us our 10% commission  when you get paid.

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